Saturday, July 02, 2011

more than the sum of my parts

I think who I think I am is not exactly on point. I think I might be a whole lot more grown up and therefore boring than I thought I was.
I think I need to start thinking about the next step. The next chapter. This chapter is amazing but there is writing on the wall things are going to get less fun in probably about a year. The question is do I ride it out to the bitter end or do I start the search now? I should start the search now but it would entail probably moving and a whole new life style and probably a pay cut. The question is where do you go from here? I think its a about reinventing myself, again. I think over a life time you up doing that a number of times. Or at least I don't think it is.a.bad thing if you reinvent yourself. Its a little more difficult when its more than just me.
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

say hello to my little friend!

So the outside porch light has become the haven for a large family of wasps. Armed to teeth with a can of wasp become i launched an arsonal of foamy vengence. With the energy of a deployed airbag the porch light filled with foam. You ever see that car crash in Demolition Man"? It was like that, but with carnage. And that's what i did on 101010
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Sunday, September 12, 2010


this is a test to see if mobile blotting is possible
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

OK, Seriously, let's talk about this.

So, you may want to sit down on for this one. It's pretty heavy. Ok, I'm just going to say it. Star Wars is coming out in Blu-Ray. Don't laugh, this is a big deal and it's stressing me out.
"Henry, don't be stressed, it's all good, you can see the classic stories now in greater detail and quality than ever. You should be happy." You say. And yes, I agree, I should be, but I'm not.
No, it's not the obvious "Solo shot first" or the way uneeded added shots of the Falcon flying, I mean seriously, how many transition shots do you need? The answer is one, not three, one. It doesn't have anything to do with the "wow, that's CG" reaction. It doesn't have anything to do with a hoth creature that doesn't look anything like the hoth creature that is the same creature that just attacked look and I'm not going to even go into the whole acter that played Anikin thing.
I've bought these movies 6 times! Let's count the ways. Purchase time 1) Original first time VHS 2)Rerelease of Original VHS 3) Special edition VHS Pan and Scan 4) Special Edition Letterboxed VHS 5) Original Version Japanese Import Lettered Laser disk (yes I said laserdisk) 6) Special Edition DVD with included Original Version (which is totally bogus by the way). In adjusted dollars for inflation that's like 247 thousand dollars and that doesn't even add in the 47 times in total I've seen it in the theater one way or another.
So do you really expect me to spend another cent on this? Well, of course I'm going to, and I'll watch it and enjoy it and say things like "Wow, I can read the serial number on Luke's X-wing" and "Chewie's hair detail is awesome, especially in Jedi when he's got that 80's hair dryer blown look" but beyond that, I am going to complain the whole time.
Except when the AT-AT's attack on Hoth and Luke and Wedge make an attack run. I bet the snow detail is awesome. Oh and how about the Taun-taun guts when Han grabs Luke's LightSabor to slices him open, man I bet that's going to look AWESOME.

Who's Scruffy Looking?

Henry Out

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Movie Review of Awesome Movies: Flash Gordon

Flash AAAAHhhhh ahhhhh.
Ok really it's not so much a review as a revelation. A revelation of amazingness. When Flash and the Bird people attack Ming's ship and the Bird people leader yells "Diiiiiivvvve!" and then the music goes "saviour of the universe!" and then Flash flies the ship that's on fire and won't get off because he needs to save Earth and the only way to save Earth is to fly the space ship that is on fire into the city of the bad guys and stop the Good Girl from marrying Ming because the Good Girl doesn't want to marry Ming ( the leader of the bad guys) and the Leader of the Bird People says to Flash "That must be one amazing planet you come from" and Flash says "Not too bad" THAT IS AWESOME!
Say what you want. If you don't like this movie you need to see it again because it is FUN, pure Adam West Batman fun.
I kind of wish for more movies like this.

Oh and by the way, The Publicist enjoyed Flash in the theatre with his Gramma and now the Publicist has enjoyed Flash with Henry which through Pythagorams theory means that the Publicist's Gramma (Julie) has had direct contact with Henry and THAT is significant.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Miles Per Gallon

All hale this great day of days! The first day of which MPG is has really meant something. The price of it all is beyond value. The tough got so going the phrase ghent has been trademarked. And beyond all of it, the future prospects are madening maddelinely.
Yes, what is today you say? What amazing occurance has occured? You and I are here, and that, my friends, is enough to be proud of.

Smile and rejoice because it's really just a great way to spend your time.

And now, to keep the entertainment rolling, here is a picture of what a broken upon delivery LCD tv looks like:

H-Bomb Out

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Bomb, The H Bomb

Hello World, Remember me?
If you don't, that's ok. I've been what you might call In-Cog-Need-Toe. I'd like to say what I have been doing is awesomely exciting, and well, be honest, I can. Where have I been you may ask? Living is the answer. Perhaps not exactly a grammatically correct answer in the aspect that your question is requesting geographical reference and I gave you a verb. At least I think it's a verb, perhaps an an adverb, cut me some slack, I only go to school two days and it has the word "pre" in the name. What were we talking about?

I swim, I surf, I perform experiments that mythbusters says not to. I laugh, I eat, no scratch that last one, I don't eat. I dine. I create contraptions that allow objects by themselves. I pretend. I act. I react. I preact and postact. I move mountains and create perspective when before there was none. I draw. I write. I paint. I create things my Publicist and Manager have never scene. I wrestle Wooly Mammoths. But I never, ever spell check.

I am therefore I do.

No big promises here, Four years of pure experience has taught me that promises should be left to moments where it really counts but I'll be around. I'm always around and I'll let you know what word is as often as I can.
I promise.

H-Bomb out.
But you will be hearing from me again.